December 22, 2020

Australia Fuel Retailing Industry Trends (2015-2020)

The world charges of crude oil have fluctuated significantly over the period, generating high industry revenue volatility, as domestic petrol prices tend to follow trends in global crude oil prices. Global oil price fluctuations have occurred due to uncertainty in the global economy. According to the Australian Institute of Petroleum (AIP),
December 22, 2020

What Are the Factors to Consider When Looking For Retail Fuel Service

When looking for retail fuel service, there are some things owners and operators need to see. Fuel constitutes a large portion of their overall sales. It pushes and repeats company traffic to their stores. That makes it a vital decision to choose the correct retail fuel service partner.
December 22, 2020

What Is The Expected Future Of Fuel Stations?

There will be much more to the fuel station of the future than just a spot to refill your car. The fuel retail industry dynamics are evolving with app-enabled on-demand fueling, alternative fuel products, electric charging points, mobile applications for various payment options, food arenas, automated fueling, and analytics to track consumer fueling habits and personalized promotions.