Services That Speak For Themselves

Our services range from retailing to complex logistics, fuel guidance to turnkey solutions.


Nanak Group Australia values customers by rendering the products and services at competitive prices. We provide our customers with high-quality fuels, lubricants, services, and other products to keep the environment clean and safe.

Latest Fuel and Lubrication Information

We have a dedicated team including experts on sales, programs, and technical issues to provide the latest information on fuel and lubrication needs on various applications. The team is customer-focused, flexible, and forward-thinking. They present energy solutions beyond fuel for a range of business zones, including wholesale and B2B.

Turnkey Solutions

We provide a full suite of the products required for efficiently operating a station, both on the forecourt and in the shop. We serve all types of customers ranging from convenience store businesses, news agencies, NSW lottery shops to grocery stores. We also provide various engineering and construction services in the Retail Fuel sector - from concept planning and architectural development, regulatory approvals, general maintenance and fabrication, technology installations and integrations, to full Turnkey solutions. We ensure that every aspect of your retail fuel site and convenience store is functioning optimally.